About iZaron Store

We are a digital food market hub, a mirror to variety of natural land products and edible items.

Izaron Online Grocery Store is an online food market hub in Nigeria, a mirror to a variety of natural farm products and edible items. The hub gives you access to a variety of edible, natural and perishable food items in Nigeria. Izaron Online Grocery Store brings the market to your technological devices, helping you explore the delicacies of different cultures. Izaron Online Grocery Store will have your selections meticulously prepared and safely delivered to your doorstep. These products come with no preservatives as most of them are brought directly from the Nigerian farm on your order.

On our website, we will guide you on how to place your orders for a particular kind of meal. We will also provide you with the health benefits of these products and what meals they are best known for.

Customer service is very essential in our business as we welcome your questions, comments, and feedback! We are always available for your questions via our media handles, address your complaints and meet your needs, our customer care line, e-mail and Izaron Online Grocery Store social media pages are always available for you, we have high-trained customer service team obligated to assist you.

Our Mission

To provide the best shopping experience for our customers at the most affordable price.

Our Vision

To build a phenomenal online food market that can be easily accessed via modern technological device of any sort from all corners of the world.

What can we do for you ?

Your comments, questions and ideas are always welcomed and if there’s anyway we can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want to give you an enjoyable and delightful shopping experience.

Got questions or comments?

Send us an email: [email protected]

iZaron website is fully stocked with up-to date edible products, giving our customers varieties of mouthwatering options at affordable rates. We boast of the following:

  1. A team of experts.
  2. Innovation
  3. Trust
  4. Flexibility and transparency of services
  5. Remarkable customer service relationship
  6. Providing a convenient and respectful employee experience.
  7. Good and careful handling of perishable food items
  8. Safe door to door delivery of goods and services.
  9. Providing a perfect storage condition for all the food items
  10. On time delivery of products